What if I move to another state?

If you move before May 31st, please contact our office and we will delete your assessment.  If you move after May 31st, you still owe property taxes in Ashley County for that year.

May I add a vehicle over the phone?

Yes, unless you are moving here from another county and state and this is your first assessment in Ashley County.  If so, you will have to come to the Hamburg or Crossett office to assess your vehicle for the first time.

May I change my address?

If the move takes place before May 31st notify us so that we can change the mailing address and make corrections to the tax district if necessary.  If the move took place after May 31st we will change the mailing address, and if the tax district has changed, make a note of the new district so it can be updated the following year.

Why did my taxes go up?

The most common reason is that you purchased an additional vehicle, or traded for a more valuable vehicle.  Other reasons could be that the millage rate has changed, or in the case of older vehicles, that the market values provided by the state have increased.

When and how can I appeal my assessment?

You should speak with our office first to eliminate any possibility of clerical or factual error.  If the issue is not resolved, then you can call the County Clerk (870-853-2020) after July 1st to schedule an appointment with the Equalization Board.   The Equalization Board meets starting August 1st to hear assessment appeals.  Requests for appointments must be received by the clerk no later than 4:30 pm on the third Monday in August.