County Judge

Jim Hudson
County Judge

The chief executive officer for county government in Arkansas is the County Judge.  As CEO, the County Judge authorizes and approves the disbursement of all appropriated county funds, operates the system of county roads and county court, administers ordinances enacted by the quorum court, has custody of county property, accepts grants from federal, state, public and private sources, hires county employees except those persons employed by other elected officials. He presides over the quorum court without a vote, but with the power to veto. The judge must apply for all federal and state assistance monies for which the county is eligible and appoints the members to all administrative and advisory boards in the county.

Below is the link to complete the Ashley County Hazard Mitigation Survey. The results from this survey will address one of FEMA’s public outreach requirements.  The results will also be a part of the mitigation plan.

Click here to complete the survey.

Hannah Morton
Administrative Assistant

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