What gives the assessor’s appraiser the authority to come on someone’s property?

Arkansas law makes it the assessor’s responsibility to physically inspect property to determine what is there that gives the value. A.C.A. 26-26-91(b)(1) states: “For the purpose of enabling the assessor to determine just and equitable values of property, he is authorized, and it shall be his duty, to enter upon and make such personal inspections thereof as he shall deem necessary.”

How does the general maintenance and condition of my property influence its value?

The market value of your property is not affected by the general maintenance of your property.  Repairs (such as a new roof, fresh paint or landscaping neither add nor detract from the property value for assessment purposes.  While these types of repairs can be costly, they are considered to be normal maintenance expenses that all properties incur over time.

How do appraisers determine the market value of my property?

Our appraisal company will inspect all properties to ensure that our records reflect actual property characteristics.  They will then review and verify market sales and study cost and income data.

They will then complete a market analysis using Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) software system by comparing properties of similar size, age, location and description.  Finally, they will establish reappraisal values that reflect current market conditions as of the lien date for real property (January 1) of the appropriate reappraisal year.